Krystal Forscutt nude

Krystal topless in Big Brother AustraliaKRYSTAL FORSCUTT gets my vote for the hottest Big Brother babe in the history of the world ever! The Aussie beauty shot to fame in Australia’s BB6 in 2006 and wowed male viewers just by looking incredibly sexy 24/7 for her three month stay.

Upon leaving the house she has been much in demand for various photoshoots and video shoots for lads mags such as Zoo Weekly. Unfortunately she doesn’t get naked in these, they are only softcore, but she looks as stunning as ever. If you want to see her nude though, we have 11 explicit clips of her from her time on the show on our Australia Video page.

11 videos of Krystal naked in the house

Australia Big Brother 8 (2008) — Nude videos

Big Brother Australia Brigitte nudeBrigitte Elizabeth Kelly

20 year old Brigitte gave us our first female nudity in the house when her mic got tangled up in her bikini, so when she removed her mic it took her bikini with it — oops! The clip is on the Australia Video page in the BB08 section. There’s also a cool clip when she takes off her shirt and both nipples are peeking out of her bra!

Her lovely left breast accidentally pops out by the pool

Rebecca & Bridgitte adjust their bras in the mirror

Brigitte’s bra is too tight and we get double nip slip

Big cleavage as she sunbakes in her bikini – very sexy

Rebecca's sexy cleavageRebecca Morgan

Sexy Rebecca is my favourite of this year’s crop. The gorgeous 22 year old has already given us a quick upskirt as she tried to put on her panties under her skirt so as not to reveal her pussy — but she failed and we have our first no panties upskirt of the series! The clip is on the Australia Video page in the BBAU8 area and requires good timing with the pause button, but it’s there.

A great upskirt shot as she tries to slip on her panties

A nipple slip from the live feed as she sleeps

Rebecca & Bridgite adjust their bras in the mirror

BB Australia midget Rima poses nude Rima Hadchiti

Professional belly dancer Rima is a one metre tall midget who has whipped up controversy as she’s rumoured to have done some midget porn in the past. But all she’s really done is pose for a few nude pics on a site where girls take pictures of themselves. Here is one of them on the left, the rest are on the Australia Nude page.

Full frontal nude photoshoot showing tits and pussy

Hot Bianca's upskirt picBianca

Fiery Bianca is an 18 year old student with massive jugs! She reckons they’re just as much of a hindrance as a blessing, though I think she should get them out so we can be the judge of that. This upskirt pic is sexy, but check out the clip of her huge cleavage in her bra on the Australia Video page page and keep your fingers crossed that those puppies are unleashed soon.

Close up of huge boobs in her bra as she dresses

Footage of her washing her big titties in the shower

Sexy Rhianna from BB8 AusRhianna Baxter

This blonde is a MILF who entered late and has already got it on with Rory. She let the horndog feel him up under the covers in bed and shared kisses with him. Best of all, we saw her tit when her top slipped as she fooled around in bed with him and were treated to a nightvision shot of her fake right breast. Watch the clip on the Australia page now.

Night vision breast slip as Rory gropes and fondles her

Australia BB8 Alice showeringAlice Redwood

Alice is one of the less glamorous gals in the Aussie show this year. The 24 year old is reasonably attractive with smaller breasts than most of her stacked housemates, and despite showering with her top on to prevent us seeing her puppies, she accidentally revealed her right tit when changing her clothes in front of Travis (who saw it!). The clip is on the Australia Video page in the BB8 section.

Accidental boob slip as she changes in the bedroom

Australia Big Brother 7

This year’s show was pretty poor, we hardly had any nudity in the house! This is very disappointing considering the skin-fest of last year (Krystal, drool) and the excellent naked showers of 2005 (see clips of these on the Australia page).

So only a couple of naked incidents from BB7, which were a Hayley oops (below left) and Kate showering naked (below right):

Hayley has an oops moment Kate nude in the shower